Top Reasons to Believe AI is NOT Gender Biased

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic of discussion and debate all over the world. More and more tech companies are working hard on their AI capabilities, and many non-tech companies are quickly adopting AI services to stay ahead in technology.

I happen to be a science and tech enthusiast, and since I use Microsoft backed laptop (Windows 10); some observations make me delighted.

Well, I was drafting my resume using Microsoft Resume Template format; and as usual, I inserted my image. What happened next will surprise you!

The machine put an alt text right below my picture: “A person in yellow shirt”

I conclude that AI at Microsoft Word is smart enough to:

a) Identify that I am a human – uses the word “person”

b) Identifies the color of my shirt – uses the word “yellow”

c) Calls my top a shirt- it is a sweater but I still give AI 10/10 considering it is a machine.

d) The machine is not gender biased as it calls me a “person” instead of a male or female! Staying gender neutral is safe too!

Here is the screenshot for your reference:


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